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Tehran city is the Capital of Iran since the late eighteenth century. It is the most famous city in Iran and the economic center of Iran. The majority of the population speaks Persian. There is a large population of other Iranian ethnicity living in Tehran such as Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Lurs, and Kurds. Common religion among most of people is Twelver Shia Muslims. Tehran city is one of the main tourist destinations in Iran and there is a rich diversity of cultural attractions there.Tehran is the largest and the most important educational center of Iran.

Tehran city- Azadi tower
Tehran Milad tower
Milad Tower overlook

Climate of Tehran city

Tehran city’s climate highly depends on its geographic location. The city features a cold semi-arid climate. It can be generally described as mild in spring and autumn. It is hot and dry in summer as well (summer is long, hot, and dry with very little rain, but relative humidity is generally low, making the heat tolerable). The hottest month there is July, but soon the winter comes with cold and wet weather. The best time to travel to Tehran city depends on what weather you like better, but there are ideal temperatures across most parts of Iran from March until May, and then again from late September to early November. Meanwhile, winter is best avoided because temperature can become very cold.

Transportation in Tehran city

There are international airports of Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini, a central railway station, the rapid transit system of Tehran Metro, a bus rapid transit system, trolleybuses, and a large network of highways in Tehran.

Taxi: Taxis are widely available in each city of Iran . There are two types of Taxis: private and shared or shuttle taxis. Private ones are more expensive than shared ones. For using shared taxis, you should go to a taxi station where you can find easily in every street of downtown.

Bus: There is bus transportation system in each city of Iran. It’s a great way to escape from the traffic in big cities. Domestic bus travel in Iran is very popular and comfortable for long distances. Bus tickets are cheap. Tehran city has conventional buses, trolleybuses, and bus rapid transit (BRT).

Railway: Tehran city has a central railway station that connects services round the clock to various cities in the country, along with a Tehran–Europe train line that are also running. it’s now possible once again to travel by train from London, Paris or anywhere in Europe to Tehran in Iran. The weekly Istanbul-Tehran Trans-Asia Express was suspended in 2015, but a new overnight train from Van in Turkey to Tabriz in Iran was reintroduced from 18 June 2018.

Underground Subway (Metro): Tehran city has an easy-to-use subway system that can take you from one part of the city to another for a normal fee and gives you the fastest reach to almost any destination. In a blink of an eye, you can move from side to side.

Airport: Flying is the most comfortable and convenient way to cover long distance in Iran. In a vast country, air traveling brings you more comfort. You should book tickets in advance.
The city allocates international airports of Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini. Mehrabad Airport, an old airport in west of Tehran city, is mainly used for domestic and charter flights. Imam Khomeini Airport with the location of 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of the city, handles the main international flights.

Attractions of Tehran city

      1. The grand bazaar : Grand bazaar is an old historical bazaar in Tehran which has the length of 10 kilometers.
      2. Tajrish bazaar and Imamzade Saleh : Tajrish is a district in north of Tehran, and It has a traditional bazaar next to Imamzade Saleh.
      3. National musuem of Iran: The national museum has 2 sections: The museum of ancient Iran and the museum of Islamic era.
      4. Milad tower: Milad tower is a multi purpose tower which is sixth tallest tower in the world.
      5. Azadi tower: Azadi Tower is a symbol of Tehran, capital of Iran. Its name means freedom. Hossein Amanat, architecture of landmarks, describes his creation as follows, it “starts from the ground and stretches to the sky”. In the other word the monument represents a strong connection between past and future, history and ambitions, culture and progress.
      6. Tehran musuem of contemporary art
      7. Iran Jewerly Musuem: Iran Jewelry Museum’s location is in the heart of capital of Iran, Tehran. Government keeps and stores this collection in Central Bank Of Iran. There are unique gemstones and jewelries which Ancient kings of Persia used them. In the past,  royal family could use and visit these collections only, but these days Iran Jewelry museum attracts huge numbers of tourists.
      8. Golestan palace: Golestan Palace’s location is in Tehran, Iran. You can see the glories, excesses and masterpiece of the Qajar rulers; especially Nasser Al-Din Shah Qajar with the embodiment of successful Iranian design and architecture with western influences across this complex. Designers of this complex inspiration emerged from European palaces. Architects set it in an elegant garden and decorated with beautifully painted and colorful tiles that covered the walls and floors in an artistic way. Tiles of the main hall is very amazing and eye-capturing. It is a good sample of Iranian art in field of interior design.
      9. Sa’ad Abad Palace: The Sa’adat Abad Palace Complex is a huge 300 hectare complex which was built by Qajar and Pahlavi monarchs located in North of Tehran.
      10. Tabi’at bridge : Tabi’at means nature. Tabi’at bridge is the largest pedestrian overpass in Tehran . It is designed by Leila Araghian. It connects two parks of Taleqani and Ab-o-Atash to each other.

    You should book your hotel in Tehran in advance near most of tourist attractions, because Tehran is a big city with traffic jam and huge population. You had better buy Tehran city tours to be sure not to miss the best places to visit.

winter in Tehran
autumn in Tehran
Tehran subway-Metro
Tehran taxis

Handicrafts and souvenirs of Tehran

Tehran does not have any special handicrafts and souvenirs but you can find various handicrafts and souvenirs of different cities in its malls, shops and bazaars. For example, you can see and buy many Iranian food, seasoning, vegetables and Persian souvenirs from Tajrish mall. You can also buy antiques from Manuchehri street. You are able to find handicrafts in Nejatollahi Avenue and Taleqani street. The best places to find carpets is The grand bazaar of Tehran and Ferdowsi street.

Famous foods, Drinks, desserts of Tehran

There are a lot of good restaurants and cafes in this city, both modern and classic. They serve both Iranian and cosmopolitan cuisine. Iranian portions are usually much larger than you expect (two portions are enough for three individuals). There are exceptionally delicious street food which varies depending on the season. We definitely recommend you to try on of them. Here are some examples :

  1. Laboo : This root vegetable has a beautiful color, something between purple and red, and a sweet-scented aroma. Iranians mostly eat Laboo in cold days of winter. They cook it in boiling water and usually serve it very hot. This food contains lots of Vitamins, Potassium , Copper and Iron.
  2. Ash Reshte: It is a heavy vegetable and noodle soup which is usually cooked for New Year. Some believe noodles bring good fortune for the coming year . Ash Reshte is the most popular Ash in Iran. People in Iran mostly serve it with whey or vinegar
  3. Baghali: Baghali is actually boiled Fava beans which Iranian usually eat with vinegar and seasoning Golpar. While eating Baghaliو you should peel back the black line, squeeze the bottom to pop the soft center out, and discard the thick skin.
  4. Jigar: Jigar is, liver of sheep or cow, served at special restaurants called Jigari or Jigaraki. For a complete experience, you can also order heart and kidney, but liver is the most delicious one. An interesting fact is that Iranians call their loved ones jigar, the ultimate term of affection.
  5. Goje sabz: Tiny green plums which tastes sour and people usually eat it with salt.
  6. Lavashak: Stoned fruit rolls which taste sour, and you can mostly find them in North of the country.
  7. Traditional ice cream: A very delicious saffron ice cream that People usually serve it with frozen cream.

Tehran is a really modern city with high-rise buildings and its heavy traffic. There are also a huge amount of attractions which can easily take 2 or 3 days of your trip If you want to see every bit of it, but it definitely worth it. Remember to try the food we recommend, and be sure to visit as many attractions as you can. For having the best time you can travel with ChiyakoTravel group. For more Information please contact us.

Famous food

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