Iran Ski Tours

Iran Ski Tours for those who appreciate gaining altitude!

Iran is home to a true four-season country with various beautiful landscapes of snow, sand and water. In Iran, the province of Tehran is host to seven major ski resorts including Tochal Ski Resort, Dizin International Ski Resort, Shemshak International Ski Resort, Darbandsar Ski Resort, and AbAli Ski Resort.
On Iran Ski Tours, maybe you want to experience what is authentic about nature and looking for seclusion and an unspoilt area. Whether you shred through snow like an adrenaline-junkie, or roll with caution like a first time ski bunny, check out our Iran Ski Tours.

Our Iran Ski Tours are for those who want it all- a taste of the mountains and life on the road. Chiyako Travel Iran Ski Tours are the perfect option; we know you are going to love.

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