Monar Jonban – Shaking Minarets

Monar Jonban is a mystery in architectural context. Introducing one of the most wonderful architectural places in Isfahan, you should never miss this masterpiece. The reason that it has called Monar Jonban is the fact that this building consists of two shaking minarets. Because, when the special guard climbs up the narrow spiral staircase in order to shake one of the minarets energetically, another minaret will shake simultaneously and this happening is one of the discerning attributes of the place. The location is in far western part of Isfahan (about 30 km from the city center).

Monar Jonban History

Safavid or Ilkhanate era artists constructed this monument in 14th century. There is a porch in this monument which had been assembled in 1316 during Ilkhanate dominance. Monar Jonban is located in over the tombstone of Sufi Amu Abdollah who was buried there. Later that time, architectures living in Safavid era (15th–17th centuries) built the brick minarets. The height of the porch is 10 meters and its width is 10 meters. So the minarets are 17 meters and 7 meters higher than the porch. There is also nice hand painting tiles and artistic brickwork on the ceiling above the shrine.

Why you should not miss Monar Jonban?

This historical heritage is one the most amazing wonders in the world. Researchers could not understand how it works for many years. Why one of the minarets starts vibrating automatically after the other one is shaken, is because of this scientific fact that the structure of building is U-shape. The balanced ratio between minaret’s height and width and porch’s width causes a shake in the whole building moderately. No one can discover the mystery of the event yet. Architectures decorated the entire porch with Inlaid mosaics with wavy lines and polygonal azure tiles. Dark blue tiles cover the inner side of its arch. Most of travelers admire this structure as a mysterious and wonderful heritage.

The architecture

Tasteful and skillful artists of Safavid era constructed Monar Jonban. They used turquoise polygon tiles to decorate the erection. They also adorn the place by aqua tiles which look like stars. There is an entrance with spiral staircase in Monar Jonban which connects the roof and minarets. It means that by accessing the entrance you can reach them.


Time of shaking minarets

The shaking minarets are the main reason for the popularity of Monar Jonban around the world. There are specific times during daytime which the special guards start the event of shaking minarets. If you like visiting architectural, historical mysteries, you will enjoy the moment that shaking one minaret leads to the other one vibration. Then the whole building starts to shake slightly. Here are the times that guards start shaking Monar Jonban. Be careful that the guards do not allow visitors to go upstairs through the spiral staircase of minarets due to the potential risks of any damages to the structure.

10:30 AM          12:00 PM           1:30 PM            3:00 PM          4:00 PM

How can you visit Monar Jonban?

Visiting Monar Jonban is a great experience for everyone especially those who are interested in architecture and history. This is only one of the many amazing places you should visit while traveling to Iran. Chiyacotravel executes various kinds of city tours for travelers from all around the globe to facilitate visiting this place as far as possible. As the place is a bit far from the city center, we recommend you to let us provide you the transfer and local guide in order to have an unforgettable visit. For more Information, please contact us.